Differences between a feminist and a feminazi

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Differences between a feminist and a feminazi

Although the terms ‘feminist’ and ‘feminazi’ are often used interchangeably with each other, there is a wide difference between a feminist and a feminazi.

Let’s take a look at the key differences -

1. Equality

A feminist believes in equality. She believes that men and women should have equal rights, which mean equal nutrition, equal education, equal pay and equal opportunities.

A feminazi on the other hand bashes men instead of fighting for women’s rights. They hate men and even women who don’t agree with their ideology.

2. Sexist

A feminist is not a sexist. She simply supports women’s rights.

A feminazi on the other hand is a sexist. She believes that shaving legs and wearing a bra symbolize oppression that shows that women are giving into male pressure to look attractive.

3. Important women related issues

A feminist is concerned about important women related issues such as education of the girl child, rape, domestic violence etc. She discusses and works towards these issues.

A feminazi on the other hand constantly whines over the internet and makes nasty comments.

4. Hygiene and appearance

A feminist dresses well, talks in a respectable manner and takes care of her hygiene.

On the other hand, a feminazi often dresses like a man and hardly takes care of her hygiene. She expects everyone to re-adjust to her standard of beauty.

Thus, you can see that feminazis are pseudo feminists. They are completely different from feminists.

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Feminism is simply the quest for the equality of the sexes. A feminist is supporter of the rights and equality of women. Now, simply put feminazi refers to a radical feminist. Where a feminist supports the rights and equality of women; a feminazi on the other had – removes men out of the equation. For them all men are male chauvinist, and according to them its only women who suffer. 

Thus, yes feminazis are totally different from feminists. 

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