Most dangerous Smartphone mistakes that people are making

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Most dangerous Smartphone mistakes that people are making

You can find revolutionary changes in way we communicate these days. Technological advancements have redefined the concept of communication in many ways. With the introduction of smartphones; you can perform multiple tasks using the same device with absolute ease and comfort. Nobody can disagree with the fact that smartphones offer a wide variety of advantages and they include facilitated networking, optimal accessibility to technology, simplified personal organization, streamlined communication and many more. At the same time; if you do not use smartphones responsibly, you have to deal with a good number of dangers and challenges as well.

Here are the 5 most dangerous Smartphone mistakes that people often commit

1) Not creating a password

You need to realize that creating a password for your device is the first line of defense. Many people undermine the importance of this critical aspect and they often end up facing a lot of complications. Creating a pin number or password has greater relevance today than ever before. Advanced devices like iPhone 5S make use of fingerprint scanning technology to lock the phone. If you misplace or lose the phone, the password protects your personal and official information stored in the phone. The same thing happens when your deice is stolen. Undermining the true relevance of creating a password is one of the most critical smartphone mistakes that lot of people make. The bottom line is that you should never hesitate to create a password for your device.

2) Saving internet banking login password on the smartphone

Only insane people leave their credit card on top of their work desks. Similarly, you should never save your internet banking login password on your smartphone because it offers an opportunity for other people to gain access to sensitive information. In such a situation, you become highly vulnerable to money theft. You may lose all your hard earned money immediately. A good number of people keep their smartphones permanently logged onto bank accounts and it can be described as a cardinal mistake. You must log out immediately after making a transaction or purchase. 

3) Staying connected to public WIFI network

Most security experts are of the opinion that staying connected to public WIFI network is a deadly smartphone mistake that many people commit. You can find a lot of people using public WIFI network instead of using connection available on their device. Getting connected to these open and unprotected networks makes you vulnerable to high amount of risk. If your device contains highly sensitive business or personal data, staying connected to public WIFI networks invites extreme risk. When you use these open networks, people with malicious intentions or attackers can easily access the information available on your smartphone. The traffic between a public WIFI server and APP can be intercepted and the attackers send their own information such as malicious data and fake news to your phone. In order to enjoy maximum protection, you must use a WPA2 encrypted network.

4) Clicking on strange and risky links

Internet is filled with a lot of shady content these days. Many smartphone owners click on the risky links attached with spam texts and this practice expose them to malicious software. The most critical thing is that you should not click on risky and strange links while using smartphones.

5) Revealing personal information through social networking sites 

A lot of people commit the mistake of giving out personal information online while using smartphones. When you disclose sensitive data or information, you become highly susceptible to identity theft. Many people have become ardent fans of social media sites and they use smartphones to log into these sites. These people keep on sharing critical personal details through these sites without any inhibition and it can be described as a serious mistake. The most significant thing is that you must use social media on your smartphone in a responsible manner and revealing highly sensitive personal data through social media sites can land you in big trouble.

It is a well known fact that smartphones offer a wide range of benefits. At the same time, you should be mindful about the disadvantages associated with using a smartphone in a wrong way. These are the most dangerous smartphone mistake that people often commit and you should be extremely vigilant not to make these mistakes while using smartphones.

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