How to Find your Passion in Life?

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How to Find your Passion in Life?

Have you been trying to find your passion in life? Do you think finding your passion is a psychological job? Is it your brain or your heart which rules your passion? Who decides your passion in life? How to find out your passion in life?

These questions keep disturbing us mostly when we are exhausted or are simply not satisfied with our life. But thinking about your passion will never reward you. It’s always about taking action. Unfortunately, we all end up thinking more and doing less.

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How To Find Passion In Life?

If you could do one thing in life to change it forever, it should be finding your passion. Your passion is the only thing that keeps you motivated and going in life. If you are able to successfully find your passion in life, you’ll be able to achieve happiness and contentment.

#1. Fall In Love With Whatever You Do

The best way to find your passion in life is by loving everything you do. It is a proven fact that whenever we involve ourselves into something halfheartedly, we are never able to give it our 100%. Finding your passion in life is all about discovering yourself and the things you love to do. When you are not sure about the things you are doing, life gives you two choices; either stop doing it or give it you 100% and you never know, the results might force you to like doing it. Any other option is just madness.

When you commit to love everything you do, you basically strengthen your "passion muscles" from the inside out and open up a divine channel that helps you in achieving things that you never thought were part of your personality. One cannot be whiny, complaining and miserable for 80 percent of the day and then be passionate and enthusiastic in the last 20 percent. And if you feel stuck up with the whole "finding your passion" thing, then better get your motor rolling.

The people who have been able to find their passion have never been a victim of their circumstances. They believe in their strengths and always take the responsibility for their actions and experiences. Just remember that if you can't change what you're doing, you can always change how you're doing it.

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#2. Look For Common Patterns

What is the most difficult question that we all face during interviews? “Tell me about yourself,” isn’t it? It is easy to describe someone else, but things get difficult when you have to talk about yourself. We never try to find time to introspect and learn about ourselves; rather we leave it to others to decide. But when it comes to finding your passion in life, it is important that you start following yourself carefully. Go through your book collection, magazines, DVDs, CDs and credit card statements to notice any similarities, in your choices, in your field of interest and the genres you end up gorging on. What subjects are you constantly gravitating towards? Where do you usually spend your time, money and energy on? Do you notice any recurring patterns? Do you feel excited when you talk about something in particular? If yes, then it’s a good sign.

Our passions are generally irrational, illogical and unreasonable. That's why it's important to shift your attention to your heart and your physical body instead of your mind and logical reasoning. Your heart and physical body support your senses, and your passion is all about your senses and never looks into logic and reasoning.

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#3. What Do You Love The Most?

This is a really useful question. With nearly 7 billion people on the planet, the one person we forget to think about is ourselves. If you have problems in finding your passion in life, ask your close friends and family to help you out. Also, you can try incorporating your passion into your already existing career or business. Maybe you just need to inoculate more of what you LOVE into your current life. By doing so, you will eventually start liking what you do and maybe realize that one can fall in love with everything they do.

#4. Quit Talking And Start Doing

Now that you've started to work towards finding your passion in life, you finally need to start taking consistent passion-based action every day. Getting in action could mean writing, making videos, recording audios, taking a class or engaging in an activity that you love. And what’s the best part of taking action on your passion? It usually requires less or no money at all. It only requires only time, effort and focus. Building your life around what you love is something you'll never regret. It's your passion for what you do which will give you the drive, the commitment and the energy required to create any amount of success and fulfillment of your desire.

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#5. Your Job May Not Be Your Passion

Until your job gets your blood racing, it is probably not your passion. Your job may be your source of income but not your happiness. One doesn’t have to be great at something they are passionate about. They just need to be happy about it. If you cannot imagine staying without doing something in particular, then just know that you do have a passion in life.

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#6. Write Down The Things You Hate

Start listing down the things or jobs that you hate doing. By doing so, you’ll able to eliminate the options that you do not like, and it will give you a clearer picture of the things that you can be passionate about. You can also list down multiple individuals and look at the work they do. Try doing those things; maybe you’ll find your passion in life

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.#7. Let Go of The 'Eureka!' Moment

Inspiration may strike some people instantly and give them their “Eureka” moment, but for others, it is no magic, just pure work, and efforts. One cannot find their passion in life overnight but realizes it through a series of discoveries of small interests. Such processes help you find your passion in life. Whenever you have some free time in hand, just start experimenting with new activities. It could be a new sport, learning a language, or trying a craft, whatever’s possible. Passion can't be found in your head because it lives in your heart. No matter how hard we try, one cannot find their passion in life by thinking about it. You need to feel and act your way to your truth, from the inside out. Taking action on something you think can be your passion is just the first stepping stone. The second one is of course to leave your best friends; procrastination, resistance and complaining behind to finally find your passion in life.

We hope our article will help you in walking through the journey of finding your passion in life. If there’s anything that you’d like to share with us, just let us know in the comment section below.

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