Importance of salads in our diet

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Importance of salads in our diet

Do you know why we should increase the intake of salads?

Salads play a vital role in our meals. Indian meals are incomplete without serving healthy salad dishes. We consume different food on daily basis but none of them is as important and healthy as salad. Even doctors advise to eat a healthy salad on daily basis; it can be vegetable salad, fruit salad or mixed salad.  

Today in such a stressful life, eating healthy food is a very important phenomenon that provides multivitamins to our body. Eating healthy salad is a good habit, and this habit must be adapted by everyone for healthy living.

Making salads are not a rocket science; it is a simple yet nutritious food. You just need to choose some seasonal vegetables or fruits of your choice and season it with some spices and dressings.

Health benefits of eating salads -

  1. Salad contains various vitamins, calcium, folic acid and fiber. Fiber is needed for a bowel movement.
  2. Salads are good for weight watchers and diabetics.
  3. Raw vegetables are an ideal source of proteins.
  4. Salads are rich in antioxidants and protect our body from the deadly cancer cells.
  5. Carrots and spinach, used in salads are rich in carotenoids and prevent many age related problems. They can boost your immunity.
  6. It makes your hair shiny and lustrous.
  7. They are easily digested by your body and are filling even though low in calorie.
  8. Salads do not contain unhealthy fats. It helps in minimizing cholesterol level
  9. The salads are made up of water and aid in getting rid of toxins.
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