Is it right to keep wild animals in captivity for all their life?

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Is it right to keep wild animals in captivity for all their life?

The wild animals are neither meant to be raised in captivity nor should be kept in the cages for their entire lifespan. The term wild itself means to grow in the natural habitat with a variety of other species without any domestication. The best form of their growth is in wildlife and natural environment.

Nowadays, animals are being used for various commercial purposes like circuses and animal parks which are called the Zoo. The purpose of a zoo is to make the visitors aware of the various types of animals present on the entire globe and at the same time give a description of their species. But in doing so, the animals are getting hurt, and they have to compromise by staying away from their natural habitats which in turn make them unhealthier.

For example, a Tiger's job is to hunt and get its food in the wild where it has a variety of options available. That's the behavior of the animal which is to hunt and eat. But in zoo and captivities, they are provided with a limited amount of food which they have to eat to survive. In most of the zoos, animals do not get proper food and starve for almost a day. They are not as healthy or active as they should be because of the unnatural environment they are provided with.

The zoos and captivities are also very congested where the animals are put together, constituting a small area for public display with artificial trees and water bodies.

The birds are meant to fly but in zoos, they are kept inside certain kind of cage where they have a limited area to move, and they cannot explore the sky. In these cases, birds who have the ability to fly even are put in a cage with artificial surroundings. These cages not only makes them feel trapped like prisoners but also hampers the natural qualities of these species.

They are just used as a type of exhibition for the people who pay and visit the zoo. Many species of animals are brought from various parts of the world where the climate condition is much different as compared to the zoos they are kept in. This not only deteriorates their health but also makes them weaker day by day. Penguins are meant for cold regions; they cannot be as healthy as in their environment as compared to a zoo, where an artificial set up is made.

No doubt the captivities and zoos care a lot for the welfare and development of the animals. Proper medical assistance is often given if they get sick. Reputed zoos take proper care of their animals, and also the animals are safe in captivities as they don't have the risk of getting killed for horns, feathers, teeth and other parts. In captivities, they are safe from the risk of getting killed or being hunted by other animals as they are kept separate in a proper area.

But all these are few pros, in contrast, to a big list of cons which these animals have to face. Wild animals are meant to be in jungles; they are born to fight and survive. That is the nature of their livelihood. They learn it since they are born and live in the woods with all these qualities. They know how to protect themselves, how to live and how to get food and survive. They are wild and not meant to be tamed.

No place can serve them better than their natural habitats with their group of species. They are not domestic animals and they should never be kept in a closed cage just for the entertainment or commercial purpose. They have their style of life and they should be allowed to live like that.

To make the public aware of the animals, the sanctuaries and national parks are a better option rather than the captivities and zoos. These parks and sanctuaries not only allows the animals to roam around freely but also provides natural surroundings of their own. The sanctuaries are from their home so they are safe there and people who want to visit are exposed to the park through various protected vehicles like safaris. The animals should be allowed to move freely and if the public wants to visit, there should be metallic bars attached to the vehicle and should be allowed to see them from a distance. 

But again the national parks and sanctuaries in the region will only have those animals which are available in the particular area. A zoo has a variety of birds and animals so public prefer to visit a zoo more. The zoos are safer and also have some options.

The whole theory of animal captivation and zoo culture is meant to attract the public and is a commercial practice. It does serve knowledge, but it is better to set the wild animals free in their natural habitat than hurting them in most inappropriate conditions and unnatural environment where they know nothing about nature which they should know.

At times the animals raised in captivities are often exposed to their natural habitat, but that makes it more dangerous as they will be stronger than the rest of the animals kept with them. The other animals are primarily born in the natural place and have chances to get killed by them. So it is better to not captivate the animals because once captivated, they have to stay away from their natural habitat, and that is not going to do any good to them or their future breeds.

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I feel very strongly about this, the animals deserve to live in whichever way is natural to them. Birds flying, lions running, monkeys climbing.


It is never reasonable for keep anybody hostage just for the pleasure of sightseeing, or they have done any exploitative and unlawful errand. I have been, since the earliest reference point restricting the possibility of visiting Zoos. Every creature has the right to live a free life; but, the zoo totally contradicts this thought. Animals in the zoo appear to be so dull and despondent. Regardless of the possibility that they have a substantial cage still they are a hostage of something though when left in the wilderness they carry on with their natural condition of life. Every animal needs to have an earnest necessity to live in their natural surrounding.

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