Should school uniforms be mandatory?

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Should school uniforms be mandatory?

As a police officer without his uniform isn’t whole. Likewise, children sans school uniforms are incomplete. School uniforms should be mandatory as it invokes confidence and personality. The school is a part and parcel of every person. It shapes, molds, and creates a person into who he/she is meant to be.

The uniform is also a slice of life. Going to school without uniforms can never be imagined. School and uniforms go together. It cannot be separated. When it is time for school, the uniform is the thing which comes to mind first. It kindles a feeling in the kid that he is going to a place of study.

Uniforms should be obligatory as it is good for the children. At first, they will learn to be disciplined. They will come neatly and learn to be meticulous. This will help them in keeping their things tidy and put things in its place. A well-ordered life would help the kids in the long run. It will make them respect each student and be good to each other. It will build their character in a perfect manner. It will train the child mentally and physically and through discipline, the kids will learn self-control. It will enhance them and make them take the correct path.

School uniforms will make the kids learn that everyone is equal. They won’t discriminate and they will be friendly with each other. The poor won’t feel bad about their condition because everyone will look the same. They will feel free and study properly. Uniforms sometimes train the kids’ mind to put their thoughts into study alone.

It gives the effect that they are here for study. And this will help them keep their mind steady. Concentration on studies will be much more as there will be no distractions about. If the kids wear colorful clothes then the mind will lose its streak and it will waver. The kids will be concerned on what to wear and their mind will mull over this trivial stuff. Attention in class will be given. And children would study in harmony.

School uniforms provide a way for the students not to feel inferior. They will learn to be confident and will speak up boldly. Teachers will find it easy to teach the class in an equal manner. Students will not lose concentration in class. They would find it easy to communicate with everyone. Those who are shy also will learn to speak out as they would not feel mediocre. If someone doesn’t wear the uniform they are punished in most schools. This will help them to learn to follow the rules and obey elders. When they grow up too, it will aid them in their workplace.

One of the major reasons for making school uniforms mandatory is that it will help the teachers to identify their students. If the class goes on a trip or go for field work, it will be easy for the teachers to identify their students and maintain them. Even if students get lost, their uniforms will make it easier to identify them. Therefore it acts as a tool to identify students. So school uniforms are essential as it acts as a key in detecting kids.

Students will learn not to categorize. Attentiveness of the students will increase. They will be more productive and it will thereby increase the grades of the school. Concentration on one thing will make them imbibe a lot in a short time. If uniforms are not made compulsory, the students will start putting their minds on fashion, if not then they will not be concerned about fashion.

Thus, to make the students enthusiastic about studies, one needs to make uniforms mandatory. They will learn to be smart, astute, and detailed about things in life. And they will live a systematic life. In every field, there are uniforms, even in jobs, so that people will know what they do. Uniforms also arouse pride as it puts emphasis on what they do. Students will gain confidence.

Their academic performance will elevate. Uniforms will also give a look of seriousness on the face of the student. They will not take studies for granted. If uniforms are not mandatory then getting the students in tune with studies would be hard. Uniforms, thus, improve the students’ ability to study and listen better and so they should be mandatory.

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