Love at first sight. Does it exsist?

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Love at first sight. Does it exsist?
Ahem Ahem! To all the pretty girls and handsome boys out there who were thinking about your loved ones before clicking onto this article and got super excited seeing the heading itself. Well, yes you read it right. I am going to talk about the most sought after topic among the teenagers and even adults, and that is “love at first sight”. 

Now be true to yourself. Didn’t it ever happen that you looked in somebody’s eyes for the first time, and your world flipped upside down? You felt imprinted or found a soul mate? Yes? No? I guess a maximum of the answers will be a loud ‘yes’, and if your answer is ’no,' you have missed one of the best feelings of your life. No book or poetry can ever explain feeling which you get at that time. 

You are on cloud nine! You write their names in your notebooks in place of boring yet important notes dictated by your teacher, try to dress up in your best apparels just to steal a glance of your loved ones, imagine yourself on a prom night date to a honeymoon in Santorini islands with that person but in reality you have proceeded to nothing more than a ‘stare with a smile’.

While you are trying hard to grab the attention of that person, the question which strikes your head repeatedly is “is this love? Or just an infatuation”. What do you do next? You run to your friends and seek for that expert advice which would change your life. Some would push you forward and some would simply say that there is nothing like love at first sight (rude enough to break your heart). 

But let me tell you the secret. It only depends on you and nobody else. Just because you had past relations or went to hitting on any random guy or girl does not mean you are exempted from experiencing the magical feeling of love at first sight. And to break the suspense, love, at first sight, DOES EXIST.

The only conclusive test if it is love or infatuation is time. Give yourself time. Try doing the thing you love the most and even try getting close to others if u still can’t  get over that person you first met months or maybe years ago in any random location then my dear friend you are head over heels in love with that person. 

And once you have realized that, don’t a single stone unturned to get that person in your life but that should not become an obsession. You should always know your limits and respect the feelings of the person in front of you. And never back down only because he or she has a girlfriend or boyfriend for years. That is immaterial. It just takes a second to fall for someone and happens in the weirdest and most unexpected moments. 

Love, at first sight, does not always mean you should be together, and your relation is beyond the regular course of relationship your BFF is having. It’s nothing serene and nothing divine. Falling in love, at first sight, does not make you a saint or gives a significant boost to your character. It’s as normal a feeling and has nothing to do with “together forever”. You might get problems have understanding issues and god forbid might even break up in due course, but that does not mean you were never in a love of completely deny your feelings for that person later because that would rather be a blow to your sense of judgment and feelings than to the person whom you are denying.

Love is feeling anybody can experience at any time of life irrespective of his age or maturity. It does not depend on the frequency or regularity of encounters between the love birds. It is beyond all worldly needs it can be experienced and expressed best with a true and clean heart and love, at first sight, is the purest of all as u fall for a person even before knowing a bit about that person or his or her social status. If you have never loved or being loved, you have half lived your life.

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