Do you prefer pre-cooked food or freshly made food?

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Do you prefer pre-cooked food or freshly made food?

Food is everybody’s source of energy and what we eat is what we are. Therefore it is very mandatory that we eat good and healthy foods. It is not that healthy foods must be costly foods. Even cheaper healthy foods do lots of good things to our body.

In this fast world, everybody is so busy that nobody has time for cooking. So the first alternative that comes to one’s mind is pre-cooked food. Just buy the packet from a supermarket and slightly warm it and consume the food. There are people who either do not find the time or feel lazy even to warm it, so they take it as it is. What could be the outcome, they end up with all kinds of digestive disorders and diseases.

But what is a pre-cooked food?

It is either partially cooked or fully cooked so as to keep on track with this fast paced world. There is an expiry date that is printed on the packet, which should never be ignored. Always check for the date of manufacturing and the date of expiration.

Any day, my vote is for freshly cooked foods. It is not that we should not go for pre-cooked foods, it can be consumed, but within the restrictive limits. Not on a regular basis, but if taken rarely, then it is fine for our body.

Why is it so?

Because foods must be eaten as soon as it is cooked as we are surrounded by Humpty number of microbes, both good and bad ones.  When we cook the food, we actually kill the microorganisms like viruses, bacteria, fungus, etc. Also, freshly well-cooked food is easy to digest and so can be termed as the best food.

Because of food packets even though packed under hygienic conditions when consumed regularly might cause indigestion and can even turn into carcinogens. As there are so many microorganisms around us, they tend to grow on the food and decompose the food particles. When the microbes start growing on the food, they release toxins which are definitely not healthy for our human system and we end up with digestive disorders.

If this is the case for foods packed under hygienic conditions, can we imagine how it would be if we opt for a packet that was packed under nonhygienic conditions? Definite diarrhea and vomiting are for sure!

I feel that we should all sit and think about it and work out on a time management schedule so as to allot time for cooking. What more do we want than to lead a healthy life? Why do we work so much and for whom we earn? It is for ours as well as our family’s goodness that we work so hard and earn money. This money earned must be used positively and not wasted for unnecessary medical expenses which could have been avoided if at all we had opted for healthy freshly cooked foods.  

Health is wealth. Being wealthy is not having big bucks, but actually having good health. We can see how poor people lead a healthy life than rich people because they cannot afford refrigerators or microwaves. So they never get a chance to freeze their foods and reheat the foods. They cook with whatever they can afford and lead a disease free healthy life.

Nowadays refrigerator has become a luxury and storing pre-cooked foods for the entire week has become a fashion these days. This is not a healthy sign, as there would be bacterial growth when hot air flows into the fridge whenever we open it. This growth of the bacteria decreases the quality and the flavor of the food.

Is there no remedy for this situation? Yes, there is, when we decide to preserve the food in the fridge, always use garlic bits, turmeric, onions, etc as they all have antibiotic nature in them thus protecting us from the harmful microbes, but only to a certain extent.

Anything taken beyond the limitation is not ideal for the body; it may be pre-cooked or even freshly cooked foods. Food taken in excess is for sure not considered healthy. But comparatively, freshly cooked foods are best buys than pre-cooked foods.

So do not cook food in excess and store them and let us give some valuable time for everyday cooking, which can take care of our health. What more do we need than to lead a healthy life? Just allot some time daily for cooking fresh food.


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Yes, one can get time to cook daily. 

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