Is it essential to have sex on first night?

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Is it essential to have sex on first night?

Marriage is a lifelong association. However, besides the emotional compatibility, a physical aspect always remains associated with marriage in which couples indulge in a sexual relationship with each other.

While it might sound unusual to many but couples who are into love marriages have most probably got intimated physically prior to marriage. It is in the case of arranged marriages that couples mostly girls face the pressure of being uneasy on the first night of marriage.

It is totally a personal choice but in today’s world even in arranged marriages couples get to know each other some months before the marriage. They are comfortable with each other and can indulge in a sexual relationship, even on the first night of marriage.

However, it is not absolutely necessary to have sex on the first night of marriage since the couple might be tired after hectic marriage rituals. Moreover, there might not be ample privacy at home since guests would still be around.

The best time to have sexual relation with your partner would be during the honeymoon period since both of you would have started to know each other in a better manner. Indulging in sex at this time will give you real pleasure since the whole exercise in itself is a stress buster.

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Sex and physical intimacy, whether that be sex on it's own or cuddling and kissing, are very important from the start of the relationship right through. One of the reasons so many marriages go wrong is because they start off being sexy  and cuddly together and let  it gradually disappear.

This is the warning of Super natural power to the newly wed couples "There must be sex on the first night" because GOD and Society granted you Wife Husband. Hence there must be sex contact with each other by hook or crook. Otherwise Nature will punish you. Honeymoon is a foreign concept. They are shameless and they used to tell to people that you are going to Honeymoon for sex. Everybody knows what happen in between Wife and Husband but not necessary to show it in front of all. Go to Honeymoon but after some months. But do sex on the first night do respect GOD and Society they gave you blessing of Wife Husband relation. Accept it 

I think u r absolutely right , sex is a matter of mutual content so couples are not bounded to have sex on first night of their marriage..

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