Most-expensive products Apple has ever sold

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Most-expensive products Apple has ever sold

Apple is known for the steep prices it always charges for its range of products. Below we list some of the costliest products it has ever produced which created a buzz in the market.

1. Apple LISA ($9,985)

A computer named LISA was priced at $9,985 by Apple in the year 1985. If you consider its price in today’s market, it will come to around $24,000. LISA was the first mouse operated computer which had a graphical user interface.

2. Apple Laser Writer ($6,995)

Apple Laser Writer had the distinct advantage that it could be shared over a dozen other Macintosh computers. This made it somewhat viable for the price it carried since the owners did not need to have many Macintosh computers. This was, in fact, the laser writer which brought the desktop publishing revolution.

3. Apple Watch Edition ($17,000)

This watch came in the market in the year 2015 for a base price of $349 only. The Edition version, however, started at $10,000 and had a rose gold casing. The price further increased to $17,000 for the high-end watch which came with an 18 karat yellow or rose gold case.

Apple is a visionary brand in itself and despite the steep price range, its products have, the company has been able to maintain its niche.

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yes its expensive but sold so far

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