Do you know the creative ideas to include vegetables in your breakfast?

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Do you know the creative ideas to include vegetables in your breakfast?

Breakfast is clearly my favorite meal and in the hustle of modern life, breakfast often translates into becoming the most important meal of the day. So it is essential that we incorporate all kinds of goodness into that one meal. And goodness meaning, goodness in taste and also in nutrient value. If it's going to be your primary source of energy helping you function throughout the day, it should definitely be packed with flavor and healthiness.  

More often than not we turn a blind eye to the latter and only go all in for the former. We would easily run towards a chocolate chip cookie or generously buttered toast over a bowl of boiled vegetables or salad. But by doing so we are nowhere near consuming a single nutritious meal during the span of an entire day and that could end up becoming a seriously harmful practice.

So how can we ensure that we will at least eat an adequate portion of healthy greens and vegetables for breakfast every day? Also, how can we ensure that we will indeed enjoy it? Let's go ahead and see how we can do that by implementing a few innovative tricks here and there and make sure we are eating healthy all the way!

a. Wrap your breakfast bacon around a vegetable 

Now who doesn't love bacon? And that too, crispy? So on your next breakfast wrap a strip of bacon around a vegetable, say asparagus or toss it in with a couple of other greens and make a healthy but yum salad! You could sprinkle some sesame seeds and some brown sugar to really bring out the flavor of the bacon and eat healthily at the same time.

b. Substitute toast with sauteed vegetables to go with eggs 

Eggs have really grown to become an essential breakfast element. But you could skip the buttered toast and replace it with a bunch of boiled or sauteed veggies ( or however you like them) with a side of those beautifully poached eggs. You could also add sweet corn, parmesan or a topping of nuts for an added crunch to the meal!

c. Stuff a taco or a burrito with some greens this time 

You could add loads of spinach, tofu, black beans to your mix and stuff them inside your breakfast burrito. I can vouch that it's going to keep you full for a pretty long time throughout the day!

d. Fill your pancakes with greens instead 

Pancake believer? Well, guess what? You could add chopped vegetables to your pancake batter instead of blueberries for a less sweet, more savory dish. Add greek yogurt as a dip for your pancake instead of chocolate sauce or syrup and you are good to go.


e. Jazz up your regular bowl of oatmeal :

Oatmeal is a highly versatile food item if you can really think about it. Add to your otherwise plain bowl of oats, eggs, peas, onions, mushrooms, chopped up bell pepper, baby spinach for a wholesome meal instead of simply a light breakfast. If you're adventurous enough, you could sprinkle your dish with light parmesan to add to it, the final touch.


f. Keep reinventing the classic avocado on toast breakfast 

Yes we do love avocados. But honestly, sometimes eating the same thing over and over again can get quite boring. So remember to always invent little ways to funk up your old recipe. You could add peanut butter, hummus, roasted cauliflower or even a generous helping of mozzarella to kickstart your day with a twist on your regular breakfast ritual.

g. Play around with new smoothie recipes 

Try and switch up your smoothie game by introducing strawberries, frozen bananas, and beets to that plain old spinach mix. Experimentation is key and you must keep discovering new horizons to your palate. How about some kale, avocado, and pineapple smoothie for tomorrow, eh?

 It's amazing how only a few changes and additions here and there could completely revolutionize the art of eating healthy. It's pretty fun to experiment with new things and if you are up for it, you'd be surprised to find it helping you in discovering the many faces of your own appetite!

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