11 Everyday Embarrassing Moments In A Public Place

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11 Everyday Embarrassing Moments In A Public Place

You are not human if you have not had one of those funny public mortification moments. While you get over some of them, some may leave you scarred by getting engraved in your memory perennially.

Here is a list of some of the everyday embarrassing moments in public which may want you to get under your sheets and never come out:-

#1. Buying something without having enough cash- You are at the supermarket and have stashed your basket with the daily stuff. Just when you reach the counter, you open up your wallet only to find that you left your card at home and did not have enough cash. Embarrassing enough?

#2. Handshake v/s hug- Going for a handshake when the other person is going for a hug or vice-versa is one of the common yet most embarrassing things to happen in public. It is humanly impossible to coordinate a hug and shake moment.

#3. Loud earphones- Imagine having your earphones on and hitting play on that cheesy song that is on your guilty pleasure list. You may be living a thug life in your mind, but your earphones are way too loud for your imagination. It takes you quite a while to figure out the reason behind those judgmental looks you are getting from people around you.

#4. Random fart sounds- You are all presentable and perfect, out there in a public place. Suddenly, your mouth decides to start acting up and make a random fart noise. Now you have to repeat the whole sound sequence to prove that you did not fart. To top of it, the repeated fart sound won’t be as good as it was earlier and you end up looking like a fool anyway.

#5. Weird facial expressions while over thinking - While lost in your own personal Narnia and figuring out why life if unusual, you end up making funny faces and the people around you instantly assume that you are crazy.

#6. Mistaken smiles and waves- Are you unable to forgive yourself after you wave at someone mistaking that person to be an acquaintance? One of the most humiliating experiences in public place is waving or even smiling at someone who you assume to be your friend, but a closer look at the person turns your world upside down for a moment.

#7. Caught staring – It is mortifying when you are checking someone out, or your eyes just won’t shift their focus due to the lamest of excuses. What adds on to the humiliation is when you are caught looking at the person either mistakenly or deliberately.

#8. Ask for the directions to place you are at- Wouldn’t you sound like a baboon standing right in front of the address you wanted to go to, and asking for directions? Path errors are another common embarrassing moments to deal with.

#9. Wardrobe malfunction – The monstrous wardrobe malfunctions leave you embarrassed for life. It is something that takes the longest for you to realize and fix, or maybe left malfunctioned the entire time. One day your butt crack decides to come out of your jeans, while on some other day you zipper decides to keep it low.

#10. Conversation with alter ego- You know that sitting in a public place is not the right time to strike a conversation with yourself, but your brain just wouldn’t listen. Getting caught while talking to yourself is one of the most humiliating moments to get into.

#11. Seeking shopping help from the wrong person- You know that your shopping trip has come to an end when you mistake a random fellow shopper for someone who works at that store and ask him the price of that thing on the shelf.

We would love to hear from you. Let us know your most embarrassing moment in a public place. Kindly use the comment box to share your thoughts and opinions with us.

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Avoid Reliving It

The memory of embarrassment will fade away with time. You just need to avoid reliving it. 

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