How to deal with a Stubborn Partner without damaging your Relationship?

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How to deal with a Stubborn Partner without damaging your Relationship?

Remember the times when love was a forever term and relationships meant togetherness through thick and thin. Now relationships have a new definition with people becoming more individualistic and busy in their lives. This kind of lifestyle damages a relationship because you either do not have time for your partner or you want to be the center of the relationship. The latter situation sometimes turns a partner into being stubborn. For those who are familiar with the word, it means someone who is determined not to change their attitude or opinion even if there are reasons to do so.

If your partner is stubborn then there are chances that their stubbornness may be damaging your relationship in various ways because a stubborn person always takes the lead and most of the times you don’t get a say in any decision regarding you both. But you love your partner despite their flaws and still want to continue your relationship with them then try these tricks to improve your relationship without making your partner angry. 

#1. Communication Is The Key 

We have always heard people say that communication is the key trait in a relationship. It is extremely important for both the partners to understand each other as good understanding can help build a healthy relationship with higher longevity. It is understandable that communication with a stubborn person can be grueling, but it is necessary. Do not argue with your stubborn partner, rather discuss with them. Take note of their opinion, let them know about yours and gradually come down to conclusions with solutions.

Here's a little tip! You can engage your partner in games of your own where you can ask them to complete some dares. This way you can make them follow what you want.

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#2. The Final Decision

Before you set out for the challenge, make up your mind. Take the final call if you want to continue being in a relationship with a stubborn person which can become difficult to handle in future. Know the pros and cons and then move ahead if you are 100% sure of your decision because later you cannot blame someone else if things don’t work out. Learn more about your partner because you would not want to make wrong judgments and end up in damaging your own relationship.

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#3. Feel Good About Yourself!

If you want your partner to listen to you then you have to back yourself up and bring your best foot forward. This doesn’t mean you have to prepare for war; it simply implies that you have to be ready for a conversation with your partner with positivity and calmness. Your attitude will matter the most and make the most of the work easy. It is better to prepare yourself before you ask someone else to change for you. If you have decided to go ahead in the stubborn relationship and turn it into a romantic and happy relationship, then you will need a lot of courage and determination throughout.

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#4. Feel Good About Them! 

Once you are sure about your decision and yourself, feel good about your partner. You love your partner and there was a reason you both came together. Reminisce about all the qualities your partner has and the moments you both shared in your entire relationship that made you both stick with each other. Start believing that your partner is a good soul and he/she will listen to you because your partner loves you too. The power of positivity will make your relationship a healthier one.

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#5. The Benefits!

The people who are stubborn are known to be rigid in their thoughts and perceptions do it is likely they will not listen to you. So your job then is to list them with the benefits of change you wish to bring. The reasons have to be iron solid to convince them into doing something out of their comfort zone. But if you succeed in selling your idea then the bonus is yours.

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#6. Make Your Partner Feel Loved.

Once you initiate a talk with your beloved, there are high possibilities that your stubborn partner will either break down emotionally by overthinking or will start thinking that you do not love them anymore. So, in that case, you need to make sure that you love them enough and make them feel special. Express gratitude to show that you are lucky to have them and want them forever in your life. This may, therefore, create an opportunity to make them listen to you without emotional stress.

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#7. Do Not Make It A One Time Process

“What matters is the journey and the not the destination.” This quote applies to relationships as well. The journey to the final destination is never easy similarly how the time after a relationship begins is not easy. It is during the whole journey that you learn about each other and about life which signifies a beautiful relationship. Once you have discussed with your partner about how you want the relationship to move, you will have to keep reminding them that your love will never change. Spend more time with your partner, and eventually, things will become right.

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#8. Support Your Partner

Change for a stubborn person can be very challenging and for that, they need your support. You will have to assist your partner in this change in any manner possible. Your partner may try to run away from the whole episode or delay everything, but you need to be there with them to make sure the relationship works. You may even find yourself in a chaos of emotions; your partner may desert or ignore you so brace yourself up.

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#9. Encourage!

Do not force your partner to change.Rather encourage them!

Forcing your partner makes you a stubborn person yourself. It would mean that you want to take the lead which again is an issue that you yourself want to get rid of. Ask your partner how comfortable they are in bringing about a change in their personality and the inconvenience it may cause them. Know the line between encouragement and compulsion.

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#10. It Is The Beginning

Rome wasn’t built in a fortnight and neither will your relationship. Patience will be the only way and also the only choice you will be left with. It will be a long wait till your partner grows but the wait will be worth all the fruits it will bear. Practice and preach patience with your partner.

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Being stubborn is not wrong unless it starts creating hurdles in someone’s life. Stubbornness as a personality trait can also help a person grow if channelized in the direction. Stubborn people make good people in business; they are determined to achieve what they want. Their thoughts and opinions are staunch, and they never fail to abide by them. They also make good trainers and leaders because they walk with a clear vision.Though we cannot ignore the fact that this stubbornness does harm relationships, we cannot also ignore that when the person decides to commit to a relationship they do not fall back easily.

If your partner is stubborn and if these tricks helped you, then please share your views with us.

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A stubborn partner may at one point be the cause of damaging your relationship but stubborn people have their own qualities which can make your relationship work. Stubborn people can use their stubbornness in a positive way to achieve a successful career and a successful life. Their dogged determination to do something they believe can be the key to the chest of treasure. Once they pledge they can unlock the abundance of love and fortune. If a stubborn person loves someone truly they will never leave them easily. They are committed to values and thoughts which makes them different and the perseverance will allow them to keep the relationship working. One must just know how to deal with them and then happiness would not be a long distance to go.

Stubborn people are great leaders and they can lead to a relationship if the other partner needs their back. Leading is not wrong but it creates an issue if the other partner develops an ego and finds it hard to follow. Sometimes their stubbornness is misread as domination but it is not true. It is very hard for them to change and that is why they do not accept any proposal to change. If asked properly with reasonable arguments they will try their best to change.

The people who are stubborn also follow some ideologies and philosophies rigidly which means that they will apply them in their life wholeheartedly. It may be possible that these may turn out to be fruitful for your relationship. If they preach peace then they will remain calm in every downside of your relationship. If they follow “You Only Live Once”, then your relationship will be a witness to all the fun in the world two people can have together.

Not all the people are the same in this world and we all should love every soul accepting the way they are. Stubborn people can be very loving and caring which can be great in a relationship.

The best way to deal with your stubborn partner is try to understand why is the person being stubborn. Try to have a positive approach towards their decision. Sometimes when it means too much for your partner, try to make them understand that you support them and when they will be there in the same situation, you will be there to help them and try to lose the rest. However, you could also find a common ground in the conversation and try to stay calm.

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