How to deal with Hookup Regret?

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How to deal with Hookup Regret?

Most of us, yes, most of us have been lucky or unlucky enough to hook up with someone at least once in their life and regretted it. Something like a major stomach ache causing regret. And all you want is to turn back time and go back to stop yourself from hooking up and prevent dealing with regret later.

Maybe you just hooked up with your crush, but the hookup was terrible, and now you regret having sex with them. Dealing with regret after hooking up is the worst feeling ever but you got to deal with it.  

A new study on dealing with regret turns out to be quite informative yet interesting. Researchers suggest that in majority cases, women were more likely to regret having sex (casual) that didn’t lead to a relationship whereas men mostly regret not having casual sex while hooking up. As we just mentioned dealing with regret of hooking up is an icky feeling which is the worst of its kind. 

That lingering possibility of you not being too pleased with your choices in the cold light of the day will stay even if you willingly gave your consent to casual sex. Hookup regret isn’t the same as changing your mind mid-session. It’s just the sinking feeling which stays with you for hours, days or even months, depending on how long you choose to lament your choices.  

So how do you deal with hookup regret? For starters, you can go through our list of tips on how to deal with regret after a bad hookup. You might not need it now, but trust us you can save it because it may come handy one day.

How To Deal With Hookup Regret?

Bad sex is nothing more than a bad pizza, there may be better slices out there, but how would you know until you take a bite? So, just relax and pat your back for at least you tried to satiate your hunger, despite how sick you felt post-meal. Most of us regret having sex with a hookup. Read below if you too experienced the “kill me” feeling after hooking up for casual sex.

#1. Take A Shower

Yes, first things first. This may sound phenomenally ridiculous to you right now, but a shower seriously helps. Regret makes you feel like getting out of your skin immediately, like totally disowning your own self, and a shower just does that for you. It lets you wash and clean yourself of all the sins you just committed (at least you can believe that it does).

Also, a hot shower is always relaxing, and we welcome such warmth that can make us forget all our flaws.

#2. Don’t Slut Shame Yourself

No matter if the person you hook up with turned out to be an uncontrolled jerk or someone you just later found out to be emotionally or sexually repulsive, you will always be able to figure out ways to deal with your feelings in a manner that isn't slut-shamey and won’t make you feel bad about yourself.

Judging yourself will never better the situation. So pull yourself up, and try to move on. Just know that you are everything (pretty, intelligent, desirable, super fun) but not a SLUT!

#3. Be The Cry Baby

Okay fine, you can waste some time crying about it. Not that it’ll help you much, but you can give that a try. If you are totally bumped about hooking up then just let it out.  

Ignoring your feeling and pushing them back will only add to your guilt. So let it all flow out. Cry it loud, scream in your pillow or do whatever that works for you.  

#4. Your Sex Life Doesn’t Define You 

Get this one right, please. What you do in the bedroom, or in the backseat of your car, or in a public washroom or under the open sky, is not anyone else’s business and obviously doesn’t define who you are. Having sex is just a part of who you are, but it does not define your individual worth.

#5. Cut Off All Ties 

You already regret having sex with a lesser known or god forbid an unknown creature who seemed irresistible last night, then why would you still want to talk to them? To keep reminding yourself of what an idiot you are?

Spare us the drama. Do not contact them at all, and if they try to do it, tell them you are NOT INTERESTED.

And remember, you don’t have to be like "I regret that SO much," just say that you don't think things are going to work out. Integrity, my friend is the most precious!!

#6. But Don't Beat Yourself Up 

Yes, especially you ladies. We did allow you to cry it out, but you cannot beat yourself up. Okay, you had a hookup and you regret the sex. So what? You just cried about it right? Don't make yourself feel horrible about it. You are not the first one to regret a hookup and now there’s nothing you can do to take it back. You just need to learn to forgive yourself.  

Breathe!! It’s okay!! 

#7. There Is Always A Silver Lining 

Regretting the sex is not the only way to deal with a hookup. There is always a silver lining. You have learned a new thing about yourself thanks to the experience you just had. Now you know how you feel about hooking up, maybe you felt well or you found it creepy. You just know it for yourself.  

There's something useful you can glean from every situation, you just need to figure it out.

#8. You CAN Keep It To Yourself 

Yes. If you are totally embarrassed and regret hooking up and don’t feel like sharing it with anyone, it is your call. It is perfectly fine to keep some things to yourself if you are not comfortable talking about them. Though, talking to your best friend about it might help you get over faster.

We aren’t saying anything... Totally your call!

#9. Learn From Your Mistakes 

There’s always a good thing about making mistakes, and what’s that? You always learn something from your mistakes. They teach you stuff. Instead of regretting a bad hookup, just learn that you do not have to do this again, like ever again.

#10. Just Move On 

Finally, it's time to move on. You did what you had to, you have regretted the sex, cried about it, have cut off all the ties, now what?? Just get done with it. Wipe the dust off your shoulder and move on.  

You are smart, charming, and beautiful and you deserve much better in life. One bad hookup is not the end of the world.

We really hope that we have been successful (to some extent) in putting some sense in your otherwise preoccupied brains. Dealing with hookups can get worse depending on how you deal with them.

We wish that you could take it all back, but you cannot right? So, be the Beyonce that you are and slay it !!!!

Have you ever regretted having casual sex? Was it hot? Let us know in the comment section below.

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