What does Fleek mean?

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What does Fleek mean?

Did you recently come across #onfleek while going through an Instagram makeup video or a picture of a food lover drooling over his chicken bucket? Not to worry, we have got a new slang that’s taking the internet like a storm.

Just when the world was catching up with 'bae,' new slang #onfleek has surfaced on social media platforms like Vine and Instagram. Internet slangs spread like fire. Sunset-Sunrise and a new slang are born.

#1. What Does Fleek Mean In The Dictionary?

The oldest usage of fleek can be recorded back in 2003 when people described its meaning in Urban Dictionary. According to the entry fleek means 'smooth, nice or sweet'. The term gained popularity in 2004 and since then has been used in various memes too.

#2. Where Did “On Fleek” Come From?

“On fleek” dates back to 2003, when the Urban Dictionary first defined it. As the generation got cooler, the term’s meaning evolved from ‘something sweet’ to ‘something awesome’ (around 2009). In 2014, Peaches Monroe, a Vine user popularized the term in a video, which was again used by Ariana Grande in one of her performances. This made it a viral hit.

Things started ballooning from there on. Brands jumped on board and started using the term for their promotions. For e.g., Taco Bell on fleek; Pancakes on fleek (IHOP).

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#3. What Does Fleek Mean In Social Media?

'On Fleek’s' apparent popularity can be credited to social media Vine. They had a six-second video which translated the meaning of fleek by using it in describing everything from hair to eyebrows to clothes.

Another video was posted by Peaches Monroe where Peaches is heading to some place in their car and to a party, and her eyebrows are on point (lucky chap). But instead of saying "on point," she just says "on fleek." And that’s when the slang is born.

The videos suggest that the general meaning of "on fleek" means that something is on point, that something looks good or is perfectly executed. It's just a cooler way of complimenting somebody else or yourself. Like why not?

Presently pretty much everyone, including celebs like Kim Kardashian has started hashtagging #OnFleek irrespective of its relevance because it’s cool to use it.

A recent search of the #onfleek on Instagram revealed that it was used in more than 86,800 posts. The hashtags are used in pictures ranging from makeup photos to selfies to bacon sandwiches.

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Did you come across #onfleek yet? Let us know in the comment section below.

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