How to Tease your Girl Playfully?

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How to Tease your Girl Playfully?

Have you ever tried teasing your girl? Do you enjoy teasing your girl? Have you been wanting to learn to tease a girl playfully? Well, teasing a girl is one aspect of flirting with women. If done the right way, it can lead to an immense attraction and take your relationship to another level.

To be able to properly tease a girl, you must build a good, friendly rapport with your partner. You build this rapport by talking about commonalities, sharing stories, and learning more about one another through free conversations.

Flirting is the essence of creating tension and taking the excitement in your relationship to another level and teasing is an important step in flirting. Once you say something edgy, you might be asked to screw yourself, but don’t worry. All great things start with a little risk. And this one’s worth taking.

How To Tease Your Girl Playfully?

Teasing is naturally a little offensive. If you want to tease your girl, you will have to bust her balls, shower her with sarcastic criticism, and make her feel vulnerable in a lighthearted way. Teasing can be a little tricky if you are not sure about your girl’s reaction. Follow these simple steps to make sure your teasing only turns her on, and not her anger.

#1. Be Friendly And Confident

Whenever you tease a girl, just make sure that you have a constant smile on your face. A smile will keep the atmosphere light and she’ll take all the offense jokingly. Also, show her that you are teasing her only because you really like her. It's important to be as comfortable as possible, even if you like her a lot. She will catch on to your mood and will gradually understand that it was all a joke and she shouldn’t take any offense. Don’t come across as sullen or serious when you are teasing a girl.

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#2. Make Fun Of Her Habits

Keep a check on the things she does while you are around her. Then, suddenly someday make a sly comment about how she does a certain thing. Like, if she rings her hair around her finger when she laughs, say something like, "Does that help you in laughing harder recount the number of rings you can make each time you laugh?" Not only will she laugh about it but will also realize that you notice her keenly.

Try to leave your comments open for her so that she can also tease you about something similar. Let her tease you back. This way, it will become a back and forth instead of an assault. Don’t let your teasing appear to be insulting. The idea is to make her laugh and have fun.

#3. Physical Teasing Can Be Fun Too

A good way to tease her that can also give you the advantage of being close to you is by physically teasing her. It’ll be much more fun if you end up the teasing with doing something nice for her. You can do this by giving her the concert tickets and then pulling them away from her. Each time you pull it away, make sure she comes one step closer. This is playful and a great way to tease her because you end up doing something nice for her.

If you girl is sensitive to your touch, you can always poke or tickle her and try getting a reaction out of her. Tickling can work as foreplay if she gets too excited about it. 

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#4. Be Positive

Teasing, usually is offensive in nature, is sure to incorporate some kind of jibe at the girl, so try to give it a positive spin. If she likes to sleep whenever she gets the time to, don’t call her a sleepy head or lazy, instead, call her your sleeping beauty. It is a playful way to draw attention to it while not being a jerk about it.  

You can also consider her physical appearance but be very careful about it. For instance, if she is wearing a pair of extremely high heels, make some comment like, “At least I know we're safe if we get mugged. You can stab them with those heels." It will show that you noticed what she’s wearing and you teased her about it too. Always tease a girl subtly without critiquing her appearance.

#5. Try A Nickname

You obviously spend a lot of time with your girl, at least enough to notice the little things that she does. If you notice something that is peculiar or something that she is very particular about, give her a nickname that reflects on that quality. You can also name her with her favorite TV show character. Try to make it playful and fun. She'll be more likely to play along. And as it is giving nicknames to one another is the cutest thing that couples do.

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How To Tease A Girl Sexually?

#1. Start Talking Dirty

What's the best way to turn a woman on? By talking in a way that gets her mind venturing into a myriad of sexual fantasies. Once that is achieved, you'll surely find her itch to get on top in no time. Try to watch out how she communicates with you, pick up any dialogue or instance and follow suit using sexual language. Use your knowledge to seduce her over the telephone, before you head out the door, or even while you're sitting in the living room watching television together. Dirty talking is a great way to tease a girl because it most definitely turns her on.  

#2. Massage Her Body

A massage can awaken all the sexual senses even without touching any of her sexualized body parts. Can you believe it? Massages can be that effective, my friend. Just give her a good massage on the back and make your way down her back and get close to her buttocks, but don't touch them; skip over the area and move down to her ankles. Massage her ankles and make your way up her calves and then up to her slightly parted thighs. Knead them lightly and make sure to get between her legs and close to her vagina, but don't touch it at any point.

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Let her turn around and begin massaging her neck, her shoulders, and her arms. Then make your way to the sides of her body and come close to her breasts, but don't touch them. Massage between her chest, but again, don't touch her breasts. Make your way to her tummy and hips. Massage her pubic mound gently and, witness her getting fidgety, but do not go near her vagina.

Right about now, she'll either jump up and if she doesn’t, you can always continue the massage until she starts feeling orgasmic.

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#3. Spoon Her In Bed

A lot of couples spend their time lying in a spoon position in the bed, but now you’ll use it to your advantage. How? Here’s how.

When you lie behind her the next time, tickle her neck with your lips and start kissing the area softly. Hopefully, she will be responsive in a positive way, but if not, you may end up with a not so Good Morning.

What works even better when you try to tease your girl is pressing your erection up against her. This lets her know that your body and mind are wandering into the sexual realm and you wish to satisfy your thoughts with her.

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Teasing a girl doesn't come naturally to most guys because it's a behavior that you must learn and practice. And with the help of our tips mentioned above, we are sure that you will be able to definitely work wonders in your sex life.

Have you ever tried teasing your girl playfully? How was the experience? Let us know in the comment section below. We would love to know your thoughts and comments. 

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